In African tradition the mother is the heart beat of the household, powerful, strong and beautiful she guides and nurtures the family. Momma’s Good Boy was birthed in the streets of Nairobi and celebrates the love and loyalty that exists between mother and son.

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 The story depicted in the logo is the struggle of youth and the transition of becoming a man and the mistakes and lessons one has to learn and the belief a mother retains in the potential her son has to become all he can be; irrespective of wrong decisions made along the way. The halo shining over the horns symbolises light overcoming darkness and the right eye bigger than the left represents the subjectivity of truth depending on how you choose to look at a challenge or obstacle that is presented on the path to becoming a man. Momma’s Good Boy is not just a luxury wear street brand but a philosophy of life, a way for us to honour what a mothers love represents despite the struggles and obstacles one might face she is always there supporting and uplifting the best version of who we can be. As a company we take pride in supporting independent artists, upcoming athletes, new designers and unknown visionaries with a power in their message who are not afraid to go against the grain of conventional thinking.


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